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What the Heck is Hyggeligt?

Every now and then, you come across a word that is really not translatable in another language. In Danish, that word is hyggeligt,... (read more)
August 14, 2014

A Drifter’s Guide to Backpacking Vietnam

Vietnam is a land of beautiful scenery, friendly people and delicious soupy concoctions. We spent an entire month backpacking... (read more)
July 24, 2014

A Drifter’s Guide to Bangkok

Bangkok is one of those cities I wish I had not spent an entire month in. Although some people would definitely disagree (see Mark... (read more)
July 17, 2014

How to Enjoy a Swedish Smorgasbord

Sweden might not be world renowned for its cuisine, but most Americans have at least heard the term “smogasbord.” Personally, I’d... (read more)
July 06, 2014

Art Walk Miami: A Walk on the Wild Side

When I tell people I’m thinking of settling in Miami, I’m often met with looks of disbelief. You? In Miami? It’s true, I don’t quite... (read more)
June 19, 2014
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Living the Dream in Portland

The dream of the 90s is alive in Portland. First and foremost, I’d like to thank Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein for inspiring me to... (read more)
April 14, 2014

11 Dutch Foods You’ve Never Heard Of

When you think of Dutch food, what comes to mind? Apple pie? Gouda cheese? Although the Dutch are not well-known for their cuisine, the... (read more)
March 21, 2014

Supermarkets of the World

This weekend, we flew to our tenth country together, the Netherlands. And, whenever we arrive in a new city, usually our first stop is... (read more)
March 05, 2014