Happily Adrift
A digital nomad couple traveling the world.


Below is a list of the travel websites and apps we’ve used and highly recommend. If you have other recommendations, please let us know!

For Making Phone Calls Back Home
  • Talkatone

    With Talkatone, you can your friends and family back home directly (they don't need need to be on the internet). It works using your Google Voice number.

  • Skype
For Accessing Money Abroad
  • Charles Schwab Checking

    The biggest draw here is free ATMs all over the world. Even if you incur a fee from a foreign bank, Schwab will re-imburse you for it.

  • Capital One

    Capital One cards do not charge any foreign transaction fee. Most cards, like Amex, for example, charge 2% on all foreign transactions.

    Moreover, we use the Capital One Venture card to get airline miles.

For Keeping Track of Things:
  • Evernote
  • World Time Buddy

    Nice little tool for scheduling meetings with people back home. Dealing with time zones always causes confusion when trying to set up a time to meet.

For Booking Accommodations:
  • Agoda

    This is great for booking small budget hotels/hostels all around the world. They also have a rewards program.

  • Airbnb

    We use Airbnb in more expensive countries for longer-term stays. They sometimes give price breaks if you stay for an entire week or month.

Travel and Health Insurance